September 29, 2012

Fabric Silhouette Tutorial

I made these silhouettes of the kids using a window frame I got at a garage sale. 
The window thing worked out really well since I have four children, one for each panel.

Here's how: 
 First take a profile picture, enlarge it to the size you want, and print it.  

Cut it out, then trace it onto the paper side of Heat n Bond ( You can find this at Wal Mart or any fabric store).

Iron that to the wrong side of your fabric.

Cut out the image.
Peel off the Heat n Bond paper and iron onto background fabric.  I used a solid for the boys and a patterned material for the girls.
Frame it.  I used spray adhesive to stick the fabric in each panel, then I hot glued trim around the edges.

I paid $1.50 for the window frame, and $2 for the trim.  
I had the other fabric and Heat n Bond already, so it was an inexpensive and fun project!

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Kambria Smith Robinson said...

Ahh, I love these! I'm picturing one of my 4 favorite men: duke, rivers, Horatio, and James... Or I'll just wait till I have kids.