September 27, 2012

Conference Bingo Printable and V.T. Goodies

It's almost conference time! And what is conference without a giant bag of Wonka candy and Conference Bingo? I designed these little bingo cards for the kids in my primary class. I wanted to keep them simple and bright to help kids get excited and maybe pay attention for 15 minutes. 

You can download some for yourself (there are two per page), print, cut them out, and stick to some card stock. Use M&Ms, dry beans, etc for kids to mark every time they hear a word or topic. Four in a row gets a treat! 


I also finally finished making these little goodie bags for the girls I visit teach. I'm going to include a bingo card in one for a girl who has a little boy.

I found cheap brown bags at JoAnn's and used a stencil to write "Conference Care Kit" (I couldn't think of a better title...) and added some cutesy details, because it just wouldn't be a church handout without some "embellishment". I threw in a journal, pen, candy, popcorn (forgot to photograph) and tissues. I've seen some other great corny ideas, but those were the things I could find. Be creative, make them for Young Women or Primary kids, add cheesy sayings to go with each item, etc.

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