October 24, 2013

Goodly Parents Poster, New Colors

I wanted to change the colors of this poster I made to match our house and, while I was at it, played around with a few more color schemes and thought I'd share since I've gotten lots of positive feedback on the original post. I'm not great at coming up with color combos so if you have a suggestion, let me know!

Click the picture to go to the printable file:

October 19, 2013

Best Kept Candle Secret

As a pet owner (AKA crazy cat lady) I am a little paranoid that my house smells like my pets, specifically their litter box. EWW!  My husband and I are a little obsessive about keeping the house smelling good, but we really can't justify spending $25 on a candle.  

Not my photo- stole it off google images.
I try to avoid shopping at the black hole that is WalMart- but I do get my candles there.  They are cheap (under $6 for a huge 20 oz. jar) and smell just as strong and great as Yankee or Gold Canyon.  My favorites are Mainstay's brand Mulled Spices (perfect for Christmas time) and Pumpkin Spice.  Most recently BH&G True Fall Splendor (that name! lol).

Where do you find cheap, good smelling candles?

*This post is in NO way sponsored.  I don't even like WalMart- just their candles and people watching.