July 26, 2011

Clay is Magic

I think the last time I used modeling  clay was in like 4th grade, but when I saw this beauty:

I was inspired to give clay another shot... grown up style!

Really the possibilities are endless!

July 23, 2011

Button Monograms

I made these button monograms for my girls' bedroom at a craft night with friends.  They were very simple and fun!
 Just find a font you like, and print your letter.  Cut out and trace onto the cardstock of your choice.  Using a glue gun, glue down buttons along the traced letter.  I chose to do all black, but some people did multi-colored monograms that turned out really cute.  You can layer the buttons like I did, or choose a wider font and lay each button flat. It's fun to use a bunch of different buttons so you end up with more texture and variety. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the cardstock has a textured swirl pattern.  I put them in $3 frames from Wal Mart.

July 17, 2011

Holy Craft!

It was my turn to teach the Young Women and this week's lesson was on Heritage. I got this quote from sugardoodle.net and made some cute fabric flower clips (tutorial here) to attach to it.

I experimented with different types of fabric from my scrap bin. I also added a bobby pin to the back of the flower instead of a pin. I used a small square of felt and hot glue.I got 3 quotes per 4X6 print using picnik.com (to design/edit) and Walmart's one hour photo (to print).

Attach the quote to scrapbook paper, then make tiny slits to attach the bobby pin.

Finished product:

July 4, 2011

Recreated Shabby Apple Dress

 I wanted to make my friend a dress for her birthday, so I told her to send me some ideas. She said she really liked this dress from Shabby Apple. I figured it couldn't be too difficult to re-create. I also figured it couldn't be too hard to find navy blue and white striped fabric. WRONG!

 I seriously spent about a month trying to find the right fabric with  NO luck. It was all either really heavy upholstery fabric or thinner stripes. So  I settled for thinner stripes:

The dress itself wasn't too difficult to make. For the top I used the top of a dress pattern I alreaday had (New Look 6910 ). And the skirt is just a giant rectangle attatched to a thinner rectangle (the waistband). The top was a little tedious, because it's fully lined, meaning I had to cut out and sew the entire top twice, then sew it to itself.  

I like how it turned out, but I still think it would've been cuter with the bold navy stripes. I was also going to make it more of a circle skirt, but circle skirt+striped fabric=bad news. ohhh well. Now I just hope it fits her!