September 15, 2012

Party Ideas/Washi Tape Decor

I had to come up with some decorations for James' baptism lunch, so I decided to use the washi tape my friend gave me for my birthday.  Washi tape comes in various patterns and colors- so fun!  
I folded the tape in half all along some string, then cut points in the ends to create these banners.  I found free printable letters online, and taped those to the string as well. For the striped backdrop, I bought a yard of material, folded the edges under as I pinned it to the wall with push pins.  Today I used that same fabric to make a car seat canopy (2 birds with one stone).
We needed centerpieces for the tables, so I made these easy "8"s out of printable circles, a wooden skewer,
 and these styrofoam rounds, which were 2/$1 at Dollar Tree!
 I just wrapped washi tape around the styrofoam to dress it up a bit.  The width was perfect! There are so many free printables out there that could be used with this idea.
I also created some subway art with the baptism info, stuck it in a $1.50 frame from wall mart, and displayed it on the serving table.  Pic Monkey is a great site for this, because they have fun fonts and you can rotate the words, etc.

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