September 2, 2012

Beyond Apparel... Sewing Pets

So-- at Joann's most recent $1.00 pattern day I got a bit ambitious. I had babies on my mind since I had two pregnant sisters-in-law, and when I think babies I think pets. (I know. I have all the makings of an old, single cat lady but until I have kids of my own, there we are.) well I saw an adorable pattern for a horse and thought it would be perfect for my newest future niece. here is what resulted:
Again, this was from a pattern so all I can offer are a few tips when sewing a stuffed animal. However, these can be applied to other sewing projects to:

1. be creative with fabric choice; use it to personalize your project
2. "staystitching" has a purpose. do it if the pattern says to and sewing curves to straight pieces will be so much easier. (To staystitch is to sew with small machine stitches most often along the seam line of a curve)
3. often after sewing curves the pattern will tell you to clip the excess material at the seam. again, do it! it gives a much more polished look to the curve when you turn the fabric right side out.
4. don't be afraid to leave out parts of the pattern that you don't like, or add to parts that you do... for example, if you don't like having knots in the legs (causing them to be more floppy), just fill them with stuffing instead. Another example, I could add another row of "hair" on the horses mane simply by repeating steps 20 to 22 in this pattern.
5. use buttons and ribbon to accessorize or embellish; there are lots of cute options out there.
6. personalize! especially if it is a gift, adding their name and yours to the bottom of one hoof is easy. you can learn to embroider by hand or with a machine... it will take time but it is usually worth it!


Janssen said...

Oh, my little girl would DIE!

Shums said...

Cute! and im jealous of your fancy machine.