December 28, 2010

Sisters Quilt

For Christmas, all 5 sisters made this quilt for my mom.  We each pieced our own squares with the rules that they had to be 12x12in. and be made with yellow fabric.  Amy and I sewed them all together, then all the sisters tied it once everyone was in town.
It was a hit on Christmas morning, and our Mom loved it!  It was fun to see what each sister came up with for her squares.  It would be fun to make one where everyone uses the same pattern, but different material. 
Good job, sistas!

December 14, 2010

more gift ideas

I made these headbands as gifts for a few of my friends who always compliment me on my headbands. It is a really easy and cheap gift idea, and the possibilities are endless.

- Plain, plastic headbands. I got these from Walmart: $4 for 6
- Scrap material. If you sew, you have plenty. If not, you can buy remnants and quilt squares from fabric stores, or use old clothes with cute patterns, etc. Get creative.
- Hot glue gun (aks your mom first)
- Buttons. Places like SAS have giant tubs of beautiful vintage buttons you can dig through and fill a bag for very cheap. Other fabric stores have them, but they can get pretty expensive.

Bow Headband:
I Just covered the headband in corduroy, folded the raw edges underneath and hot glued them there. Then I took another long skinny piece, folded it into a loopish thing and gathered the middle with a little hot glue. Glue a button right in the middle or wrap more fabric around it!

2 Flowers Headband:
Pretty much just cut out 2-4 flower shapes, each getting smaller and stack them. I cut a 5-petal flower for the bottom layer and 4-petal flower for the top layers. I also glued down a little lace to go underneath the flowers.

Rosettes Headband:
Just cut long strips of fabric and twist them. Then wrap them into a circle, gluing as you go.

Big Felt Flower:

I know there is probably a way better way of doing this one, but I pretty much just made three felt circles and snipped around the edges a million times.

Burnt Edges Flower:

Just cut circles big to small. Then hold each circle pretty close to the flame of a candle, without letting it catch fire, until the edges start to curl up. Stack them, and glue them on!

They were all so simple, I feel dumb for even trying to explain. EmmaLee, I know you have more cute headband ideas to share!

Also, Bethany made me this cute jewelry holder for Christmas last year. Tutorial??

December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is an attempt to help my family focus on Christ during the Christmas season.  Each day, we turn over a number (starting at 24), and read the scripture that goes along with the picture on the back.
By Christmas Eve, the whole tree is covered with pictures from the life of Christ.
To make this, print the pictures you want to use. I made them wallet size, then cut them out. Print each scripture reference as well. Go here to get the pictures with corresponding scriptures.   
Here is the list of the scriptures and pictures I used, with the day listed first:
24 Luke 1:26–38 annunciation
23 Luke 2:1–5 Joseph and Mary travel
22 Luke 2:1–16 Jesus’ birth
21 Luke 2:8–20 shepherds
20 Luke 2:22–39 Simeon
19 Luke 2:40, 51–52; Jesus with Mary
18 Luke 2:41–52 boy Jesus in temple
17 2 Ne. 31:4–13 baptism
16 John 4:3–30, 39–42 Samaritan woman
15 Matt. 4:18–22 calling apostles
14 Matt. 5–7 sermon on the mount
13 Matt. 8:23–27 calming the storm
12 Mark 5:22–24, 35–43 Jairus’ daughter
11 John 5:1–9 healing the sick
10 Matt. 14:22–33 walking on water
9 Mark 10:13–16 children
8 Mark 11:1–11 triumphal entry
7 Matt. 26:17–30 last supper
6 John 13:4–15 washing feet
4 Luke 23:33–46; crucifixion
1 Rev. 3:20 Jesus at the door

Buy some wooden rectangles like these I found at Hobby Lobby (4/99cents).
Paint with colors of your choosing (I did half red and half gold).

Sand the edges so they are smooth and a little distressed.

Paint numbers 1-24, using a stencil.
Be sure you look at the picture that will go on the back so you paint the number the right direction (horizontal or vertical, depending on the picture).

My wooden rectangles had pre-drilled holes, so I just threaded string through for a hanger.

You can also hot glue a hanger on if you don't have holes.
Spread mod podge on the back of each ornament.

Position the picture on the wood and smooth out air bubbles.  Spread mod podge over entire picture. 
 Add scripture reference, and mod podge over that as well.  It will dry clear.
Hang number side up on a small Christmas tree (mine is 3 feet).
Turn one over each night and study the Savior's life through the month of December.

December 7, 2010

Cute Idea

So, I haven't had enough time to get crafty- YET. School is over next tuesday and I'll be crafting with a vengance. In the meantime, here is a really cute tutorial from purl bee

December 6, 2010

Ruffle Apron

I was asked to teach an apron making class for Homemaking. So- I whipped up this little goodie with a little inspiration from a gift Erica gave me. It looks more complicated than it is... 85% of it is ironing. I made 3 in an afternoon for gifts this Christmas.
What you will need:
3 coordinating fabrics, plus a plain fabric for the back panel (I used super cheap broadcloth)

Fabric A: (back panel) 15.5" X 25.5" =buy 1/2 yard
Fabric B: (bottom ruffle & ties) 8.5" X 42" and (2) 4.5" X 42" =buy 1/2 yard
Fabric C: (middle ruffle) 8.5" X 42" =buy 1/4 yard
Fabric D: (top ruffle) 8.5" X 42" =buy 1/4 yard
1. Cut your fabric according to the above measurements.
2. On Fabric A make a 1/4" hem by folding under 1/4" of the fabric, ironing, and then folding over and ironing again. This should enclose raw edges. Stitch. Repeat for long edge and 2 side edges of Fabric A.
3. On large cut of Fabric B make 1/4" hem (using same method as above) on long edge and 2 side edges of Fabric B. Stitch. Repeat with Fabrics C and D.
4. On wrong side of Fabric A measure 2" from bottom hem and draw a line (I used pen). Repeat at 8" and again at 14"5. On large (now hemmed) cut of Fabric B using large (basting) stitch, sew along unhemmed edge at 1/4" and again at 1/8". Gently pull the 2 bobbin (back) threads at the same time creating gathers.

Adjust gathers so they are distributed evenly and Fabric B fits along bottom line of Fabric A. Pin so that raw gathered edge rests against the pen line. Stitch ruffle into place.
Repeat step 5 for Fabrics C and D working your way up the apron.
6. Cut one of the remaining strips of Fabric B in half. (You should now have one long strip and two shorter strips of Fabric B for the waistband.) With right sides together sew the two shorter strips to each end of the long strip. (You should now have one loooong strip pieced together, the longest piece in the center).
Open seams and iron.7. Fold 1/4" of waistband strip Fabric B (just once) and iron.
Repeat on bottom edge and both ends.
Fold top of entire waistband strip over (in half) and iron.

9. Lay out waistband piece centering ruffled piece.
Open waistband and lay ruffled piece "inside" waistband keeping ruffled piece centered and laying flat.
"Close" waistband and pin into place.10. Starting with pinned portion stitch ruffles to waistband close to ironed edge, making sure to sew through all layers and catching the waistband on the other side.

11. Stitch closed remaining lengths of waistband finishing ends.

12. Iron waistband, clip any straggler threads and YOU'RE DONE!

December 2, 2010

Leafy Wreathy Tutorial

Looks a little sad, but once we get some more Christmas decorations up, it will be just lovely.
Plus it was easy peasy to make!

You will need:
A foam wreath from a craft store or dollar store, a bunch of felt rectangles (I used about 6, but it depends on the size of your wreath), good fabric scissors, and a hot glue gun

First I cut the rectangles into 4ths, so I had strips about 2.5 inches thick

Next I cut out the leaf shapes so I had this picket fence looking thing. This part takes quite a while. I did two layers of felt at a time to speed it up. Just do it while you're watching Christmas movies or somethin. Also, don't worry about each one looking the same. It will look better to have variety.

I cut my strips in half since they were so long, but again it depends on the wreath you use. Now just wrap and hot glue. You might want to lay out a few to see how you want to spread and stagger them. If you use a color other than cream/white, you also might want to wrap matching yarn around first so the white doesn't peak through.

All done!