May 8, 2011


I had a hard time finding rust colored ties for Sam and Landon to wear for Buff's wedding. So I whipped some up to match my dress (they are in fact rust, not hot pink like in the pics) using this tutorial. They are sewn mostly by hand which is a little annoying, but they turned out great! And for $5 total my boys will coordinate wonderfully.

May 3, 2011

When in doubt...start from scratch!

I already bemoaned my failed attempts at altering dresses for my wedding on my personal blog so here is the condensed version. Best just to start from scratch. Thanks to some beautiful lace from an old wedding dress from my neighbor, I am almost done with my (final I promise!) wedding dress. It still has a little ways to go before it's finished. I just got really excited though and wanted to post my progress.

I need to find a slip. I was thinking of making a sash in the pale mint that ties in a big bow at the back...too baptism dress? Should I just do a cumber bun type belt, or even an obi sash? Also, I'm not sold on a veil, what are some good alternatives?