August 31, 2012

100 Follower Giveaway


To celebrate 100 followers, we're having a little giveaway!

Müsli Mouse is a handmade jewelry boutique, and one of you will get to choose something(s) up to $16. There's some really cute stuff there!

To enter (and you should because, come on, your odds of winning are pretty good):

- If you haven't already, become a follower!
- Visit the Müsli Mouse Etsy shop and then leave a comment telling us what you will pick if you win
That's it!

Extra entries:
- Post the giveaway on Fbook
-and/or on Twitter
-Pin the blog on Pinterest!


Hil said...

posted a link on face AND pinned.

I would choose these :)

Brenda said...

Great giveaway. I really enjoy your blog. Some day I will get to 100 followers.

I did pin.

I would choose Laser Cut Earrings - Black Filigree Earrings.

Hilary said...

I love the coral cabbage rose earrings!

Caroline Goldingham said...

Congratulations! and I love the new look BTW. Really lovely.

I would choose the patina leaf earrings


Olivia said...

Ooo Giveaways?! You guys are kind of a big deal now. Congrats!

Diana said...

Love it all, but would probably choose the cabbage rose earrings!

Abbey said...

Thanks so much! It's awesome to know people read it :) Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check out the giveaway

Scott & Megan Cardon said...

I can't's a tie between "Vintage Rhinestone Earrings"

and the "Four Leaf Quatrefoil Clover Earrings"

I think I'm leaning towards the first-the crystal ones...

.ambre. said...

I follow and I like the Felt Flower - Customize as Brooch or Hair Pin. Thanks!

Donelle & Caleb Clare said...

It's been a long time since I have been on your site and I love the banner and design! Beautiful.

I think I am a little in love with the Beautiful Resin Dangle Earrings - Coral Cabbage Rose - Floral Earrings

I finally figured out how to follow you guys and I also pinned. Be proud of me, because I am :)