December 6, 2010

Ruffle Apron

I was asked to teach an apron making class for Homemaking. So- I whipped up this little goodie with a little inspiration from a gift Erica gave me. It looks more complicated than it is... 85% of it is ironing. I made 3 in an afternoon for gifts this Christmas.
What you will need:
3 coordinating fabrics, plus a plain fabric for the back panel (I used super cheap broadcloth)

Fabric A: (back panel) 15.5" X 25.5" =buy 1/2 yard
Fabric B: (bottom ruffle & ties) 8.5" X 42" and (2) 4.5" X 42" =buy 1/2 yard
Fabric C: (middle ruffle) 8.5" X 42" =buy 1/4 yard
Fabric D: (top ruffle) 8.5" X 42" =buy 1/4 yard
1. Cut your fabric according to the above measurements.
2. On Fabric A make a 1/4" hem by folding under 1/4" of the fabric, ironing, and then folding over and ironing again. This should enclose raw edges. Stitch. Repeat for long edge and 2 side edges of Fabric A.
3. On large cut of Fabric B make 1/4" hem (using same method as above) on long edge and 2 side edges of Fabric B. Stitch. Repeat with Fabrics C and D.
4. On wrong side of Fabric A measure 2" from bottom hem and draw a line (I used pen). Repeat at 8" and again at 14"5. On large (now hemmed) cut of Fabric B using large (basting) stitch, sew along unhemmed edge at 1/4" and again at 1/8". Gently pull the 2 bobbin (back) threads at the same time creating gathers.

Adjust gathers so they are distributed evenly and Fabric B fits along bottom line of Fabric A. Pin so that raw gathered edge rests against the pen line. Stitch ruffle into place.
Repeat step 5 for Fabrics C and D working your way up the apron.
6. Cut one of the remaining strips of Fabric B in half. (You should now have one long strip and two shorter strips of Fabric B for the waistband.) With right sides together sew the two shorter strips to each end of the long strip. (You should now have one loooong strip pieced together, the longest piece in the center).
Open seams and iron.7. Fold 1/4" of waistband strip Fabric B (just once) and iron.
Repeat on bottom edge and both ends.
Fold top of entire waistband strip over (in half) and iron.

9. Lay out waistband piece centering ruffled piece.
Open waistband and lay ruffled piece "inside" waistband keeping ruffled piece centered and laying flat.
"Close" waistband and pin into place.10. Starting with pinned portion stitch ruffles to waistband close to ironed edge, making sure to sew through all layers and catching the waistband on the other side.

11. Stitch closed remaining lengths of waistband finishing ends.

12. Iron waistband, clip any straggler threads and YOU'RE DONE!


dan and ashley said...

super cute!

Natalli said...

cute! This would be a good way to use up fabric scraps

Erica said...

this is my favorite kind of apron. so cute, and the perfect gift. good job!

Melinda said...

Super super cute!!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

I hope one of those christmas gifts is for me.

URFAVE5 said...

That is darling!