December 2, 2010

Leafy Wreathy Tutorial

Looks a little sad, but once we get some more Christmas decorations up, it will be just lovely.
Plus it was easy peasy to make!

You will need:
A foam wreath from a craft store or dollar store, a bunch of felt rectangles (I used about 6, but it depends on the size of your wreath), good fabric scissors, and a hot glue gun

First I cut the rectangles into 4ths, so I had strips about 2.5 inches thick

Next I cut out the leaf shapes so I had this picket fence looking thing. This part takes quite a while. I did two layers of felt at a time to speed it up. Just do it while you're watching Christmas movies or somethin. Also, don't worry about each one looking the same. It will look better to have variety.

I cut my strips in half since they were so long, but again it depends on the wreath you use. Now just wrap and hot glue. You might want to lay out a few to see how you want to spread and stagger them. If you use a color other than cream/white, you also might want to wrap matching yarn around first so the white doesn't peak through.

All done!


Em said...

Cute, Natty!

Shums said...

love. I may do one that has nothing to do with christmas at all!