December 14, 2010

more gift ideas

I made these headbands as gifts for a few of my friends who always compliment me on my headbands. It is a really easy and cheap gift idea, and the possibilities are endless.

- Plain, plastic headbands. I got these from Walmart: $4 for 6
- Scrap material. If you sew, you have plenty. If not, you can buy remnants and quilt squares from fabric stores, or use old clothes with cute patterns, etc. Get creative.
- Hot glue gun (aks your mom first)
- Buttons. Places like SAS have giant tubs of beautiful vintage buttons you can dig through and fill a bag for very cheap. Other fabric stores have them, but they can get pretty expensive.

Bow Headband:
I Just covered the headband in corduroy, folded the raw edges underneath and hot glued them there. Then I took another long skinny piece, folded it into a loopish thing and gathered the middle with a little hot glue. Glue a button right in the middle or wrap more fabric around it!

2 Flowers Headband:
Pretty much just cut out 2-4 flower shapes, each getting smaller and stack them. I cut a 5-petal flower for the bottom layer and 4-petal flower for the top layers. I also glued down a little lace to go underneath the flowers.

Rosettes Headband:
Just cut long strips of fabric and twist them. Then wrap them into a circle, gluing as you go.

Big Felt Flower:

I know there is probably a way better way of doing this one, but I pretty much just made three felt circles and snipped around the edges a million times.

Burnt Edges Flower:

Just cut circles big to small. Then hold each circle pretty close to the flame of a candle, without letting it catch fire, until the edges start to curl up. Stack them, and glue them on!

They were all so simple, I feel dumb for even trying to explain. EmmaLee, I know you have more cute headband ideas to share!

Also, Bethany made me this cute jewelry holder for Christmas last year. Tutorial??


Em said...

Cute! Love the courderoy(sp???)!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

they are sooooo cute! you did amazing on all of them....and i love the name of your blog.