December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is an attempt to help my family focus on Christ during the Christmas season.  Each day, we turn over a number (starting at 24), and read the scripture that goes along with the picture on the back.
By Christmas Eve, the whole tree is covered with pictures from the life of Christ.
To make this, print the pictures you want to use. I made them wallet size, then cut them out. Print each scripture reference as well. Go here to get the pictures with corresponding scriptures.   
Here is the list of the scriptures and pictures I used, with the day listed first:
24 Luke 1:26–38 annunciation
23 Luke 2:1–5 Joseph and Mary travel
22 Luke 2:1–16 Jesus’ birth
21 Luke 2:8–20 shepherds
20 Luke 2:22–39 Simeon
19 Luke 2:40, 51–52; Jesus with Mary
18 Luke 2:41–52 boy Jesus in temple
17 2 Ne. 31:4–13 baptism
16 John 4:3–30, 39–42 Samaritan woman
15 Matt. 4:18–22 calling apostles
14 Matt. 5–7 sermon on the mount
13 Matt. 8:23–27 calming the storm
12 Mark 5:22–24, 35–43 Jairus’ daughter
11 John 5:1–9 healing the sick
10 Matt. 14:22–33 walking on water
9 Mark 10:13–16 children
8 Mark 11:1–11 triumphal entry
7 Matt. 26:17–30 last supper
6 John 13:4–15 washing feet
4 Luke 23:33–46; crucifixion
1 Rev. 3:20 Jesus at the door

Buy some wooden rectangles like these I found at Hobby Lobby (4/99cents).
Paint with colors of your choosing (I did half red and half gold).

Sand the edges so they are smooth and a little distressed.

Paint numbers 1-24, using a stencil.
Be sure you look at the picture that will go on the back so you paint the number the right direction (horizontal or vertical, depending on the picture).

My wooden rectangles had pre-drilled holes, so I just threaded string through for a hanger.

You can also hot glue a hanger on if you don't have holes.
Spread mod podge on the back of each ornament.

Position the picture on the wood and smooth out air bubbles.  Spread mod podge over entire picture. 
 Add scripture reference, and mod podge over that as well.  It will dry clear.
Hang number side up on a small Christmas tree (mine is 3 feet).
Turn one over each night and study the Savior's life through the month of December.


Natalli said...

oh it turned out cute! That was a good idea to use a tree

Karen & Ben said...

Beautiful!! Note to self...make one for me, my sister, my sis-in-law,etc for next year. Thanks Emmalee!!!

Shums said...

I really like this!

Kambria Smith Robinson said...

Cuh-Yute! But I can totally tell you are just trying to show off your wedding ring in that one pic...haha. J/K This is such a good idea.

ME said...

You're killing me!! When do you have the time? You're brilliant - LOVE it!

URFAVE5 said...

I love it! You girls are so so so creative and talented!

Cyndi Buchanan said...

I love your advent calendar! Very cool idea! I shared your advent calendar on my blog of favorite advent calendars. I hope you don't mind.

If you have any other ideas you would like for me to share I would be happy to do so. I'm always looking for creative bloggers!