March 29, 2011

Super Simple Shower Gift

Myself along with 85% of my friends are pregnant right now, so I've been sewing like crazy. I made all my baby's crib bedding (post to come) and just finished these 2 gifts for some friends. I have seen these before and think they look useful. I love the idea of covering up baby and still being able to carry your baby carrier. This is perfect for when they fall asleep, and better yet when touchy strangers think it's ok to touch your new baby. I found and used THIS TUTORIAL to create some simple gifts. Since these look a lot like receiving blankets, I made these tags and attached them to the covers to clear up any confusion. I used to design them and then just had one 4x6 printed for 9 cents using Walmart's 1 hour photo.

1 comment:

Em said...

Cute! I've never tried those before. I love the tags, and I love piknic!