March 31, 2011

flower belt

Amy's comment about making accessories out of chiffon reminded me of this belt I made a while back.

I got a piece of trim I liked at Jo-Ann's and then cut a bunch of this flower shape out of scraps I had and some white tulle:

When I was done, I stacked all the flowers and stitched them together right in the center.
Then I hot glued some little pearl beads to the center and hot glued the flower onto my piece of trim.

I've just been tying it in a knot every time I wear it, but I'm thinking little snaps or a hook and eye would be a good idea.

1 comment:

Em said...

We need to make some to accessorize for the wedding. SAS is the best for buying trim like that. They have every color and width for 10 or 15 cents/yard.