March 28, 2011

Ruffle Sleeve T-shirt Refashion


First, I took in the sides a bit so it wouldn't be so frumpy.
To make some ruffles, I cut two long strips of chiffon (bought at SAS in the remnant bin for like 25cents).

Fold each strip in half and sew raw edges together.
Turn right side out.

Get the seam to the center of the tube, and sew a gathering stitch (largest stitch possible) right down the center.

Pull one thread to gather.

Pin ruffle around each sleave.  I like to pin and sew on the inside of the sleave, so I can see that nothing is catching under the material.

Sew all the way around the sleave, turning under raw edge of ruffle when you get to the end.

Lay out remaining ruffles on one shoulder, and pin into place.

Sew everything down, and it's done!


Kristin said...

Emmalee- you guys are amazing!!! I think I need to invest in a sewing machine and have you come for a visit to help me learn how to turn it on, I mean make something cool :). That shirt is so cute and I like how you made it less frumpy. I laughed out loud.

Jacob and Natalli said...

supa cute! I think it would even look cute with raw edges, cuz I'm lazy like that.

Shums said...

Love it! I bought some mint green chiffon in hopes to create an accsessory or two for buffs wedding. Maybe a belt or hair thing... I need some help! I have a bunch, so ya'll can make some too.

Brittany said...

I've been wondering how to make ruffles... You're so crative- thanks for sharing your expertise!
Love your blog! I think I'm making french dip sandwiches tomorrow :)

Danielle said...

Love this shirt! New follower!