March 29, 2011

sunflower cupcakes

I got the idea for these out of the book Hello, Cupcake.

what they should look like

Having had bad experiences in the past with all things involving frosting and fancy tips, I dumbed down the directions quite a bit.

Basically I just frosted the cupcakes with green frosting and stuck an oreo in the middle. Then I put yellow and orange frosting into a ziploc bag, wrapped scotch tape around the corner and cut a little upside down V shape into the corner (If you have fancy frosting tools, use them instead!). Then I squeezed the little petals all around the oreo, starting with the bottom layer. You can also add a red m&m with black frosting for the lady bugs.

Here are my sad wannabes.

So I may not be a very good cupcake decorator but I am pretty good at making up cheesy object lessons, which I did so I could give these to our Sunday School class. It was on faith, so I held up a sunflower seed and said "what is this?"

kids: it's a sunflower seed, stupid.

me: yes. And what do you believe will grow from it?

kids: a sunflower...

me: yes, BUT is having faith that a sunflower will grow enough? Will it grow just because you believe it will?

kids: no.. you have to plant it and water it and crap

me: Exactly! Faith without works is DEAD!
Faith with works=sunflowers!

went down something like that. At least they thought the cupcakes were pretty cool.


Shums said...

Cute, I may use this for my young women.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

did you use sharpie on the red M&Ms? I used to think I was a cupcake maker...after several failed attempts at home I realize why Gary always made me work the cashier instead of baking at the Cocoa Bean.

deppy11 said...

i love it !!!!!!!!!