September 1, 2010

Fondant Cakes

Here are some cakes I've made using this tutorial for
 marshmallow fondant...
Mario cake

Muse cake

SF giants cake (AT&T Park)



Natalli said...

I think I'm going to attempt a phoenix suns one for Jacob's birthday. any tips on working with fonfon? maybe you should just come up and help me!

Lari said...

I think we all need a road trip to Utah over October break. Unfortunately, it may be impossible for me to travel with a urine bag and catheter which my upcoming surgery will require. I still have to get it scheduled. Maybe this is an inappropriate placde to mention this. sorry if I offended anyone. The cakes taste every bit as good as they look!!!!!

Melinda said...

LOL at Aunt Laris comment. WOW Cute cakes Em.

Shums said...

Why does mom have to share that bit of TMI, especially on a lovely food post?!