September 20, 2010

Fabric Fall Wreath Tutorial

I made this wreath using fall fabric scraps that I already had, and a large wreath from the dollar store! 
First, gather some fall-looking fabrics.
Then cut them into 3"x7" strips.
To make each leaf, fold the strip in half lengthwise,then fold one side over at the mid point.
Do the same on the other side.
Overlap the ends and secure with hot glue.Make a bunch of these.Start arranging and gluing them to your dollar store wreath, overlapping them as you go.
You can do this all the way around, or you can leave room for flowers, like this:Now make an assortment of fabric flowers.  Here is one kind I made:  Cut out 6 circles of fabric.  Fold one circle in half.Fold one side over to the midpoint and hot glue in place. Repeat with all circles, then overlap, gluing each section together to form a flower.
Hot glue a wooden bead to the center and squinch up the fabric so it will be fluffy.Arrange your flowers on the bare sections of the wreath, and glue in place.
Now you have a fun fall wreath, all for $1 and some leftover material!


Shums said...

This is really cute! Everyone has wreaths on our ugly apartment doors, mine will be the best... hopefully it doesn't get stolen.

Natalli said...

oooo i like! Though I wonder if my attention span would allow me to glue that many leaves...

Kambria Smith said...

I've been complaining to james since last christmas that we need holiday wreaths for our door. then he lets me go to joannes/micheals. then everything there is too expensive so i decide not to. This is super cute though! I'm totally going to try it. I even have a hot glue gun!