August 30, 2012

Button on Flowers

Three different looks for the price of one! I bought a onesie, sewed a button on one side, then made fabric/felt flowers that can be buttoned on and off to change the look.  This is an easy way to dress up a plain onesie or shirt.  Felt flowers are so easy to make, but you wouldn't want them going through the wash.  With these, you just take the flower off before washing! There are numerous tutorials for fabric and felt flowers out there.  Just make a flower you like, then cut a slit in the middle large enough to button it onto the shirt! I suppose you could make a sturdy button hole with a sewing machine, but the beauty of felt is that it wont fray if you just cut a slit for the button.


shauntel said...

Genius. :)
I love that idea.

ajwhet10 said...

That is just too darling. I bet it would work on big people stuff, one way or another. :) Do you stay awake thinking this up?