November 9, 2011

Spruce up a T-shirt

First, get a plain boring shirt.
Then, find some lace.  Cut a strip and fold it into a little ruffle.  Sew it down (I didn't even pin it, just folded it down as I went, because I'm lazy like that).

Cut a smaller strip of lace, gather it up and put it in the pocket. Sew right across the top of the pocket.
Better, right?  This literally took 10 minutes!


natalli said...

loves tit

Shums said...

VERY cute (said in mom's tone). But seriously, i need to spiffy up some Ts!

Meg said...

I just came upon youre blog from cotton and curls. So cute. I love you diy projects. I'm not talented enough to do stuff like that....I'm pretty new to the blogging world though so if you wanna check out my blog or exchange buttons or anything that would be awesome. I"m your newest follower!


sisters4saymoreismore said...

super freaking cute!!!!