November 29, 2011

More Christmas Decor

I made one more little tree and covered  it with little red rosettes. I just took strips of tissue paper, twisted them up, and wrapped them into roses of various sizes.

They're hanging out on my bookshelf along with this free printable and some branches that I covered in glitter which remind me of something from the Labyrinth. And obviously they're prettier in real life.

Jacob's noticed that I've got a thing for covering stuff in glitter lately. We saw some tiny pinecones on our way home from church and he said, "Those are cute. You should cover those in glitter."
I probably will, even though I think he was mocking me.


Em said...

Jacob is learning fast! I just picked up some pine cones in mom's yard yesterday to spray paint, and yes I'll prob add glitter.

amy said...

I also have glittery branches! Although mine do look a little like antlers. Everything should be covered in glitter at Christmas time!!!!