November 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Let the Christmas decor making begin! My first project was these little tissue paper trees. The best part about them is that I didn't have to go out and buy any of those foam cones. I just took some card-stock, wrapped it in a cone shape around a paper cup, and cut from the bottom to adjust the height.

For the fluffy one, I cut about a million little squares of tissue paper, squished them up, and glued them to the cone. I roughly followed this tutorial.
Well that took forever, so for the next one I just cut strips and frayed them at the bottom. I put glue on the top of the strip and wrapped each one around starting for the bottom of the cone.
I'll probably make one more. I'll share if I come up with something brilliant for that one. Really there are a lot of fun things you could do to make these little trees. Get creative!

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