April 21, 2011


cool stuff I'd like to make for Easter, but probably never will.
Here we go:

I've always loved stealing stacks of free paint chips from home depot.

Making an egg garland with them=Genius!

Save your cereal boxes and fabric scraps, kids.


Oh cute tea cups?

Cheap plastic Easter eggs! How cute is that?

Felt Easter bags. I'm a sucker for ric-rak.


PEEP S'MORES?!! Why didn't I think of that??


Sunghee said...

Thank you Natalli for featuring my teacups! YOu are so sweet!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

peeeeeeeep smores are happening tonight... aren't you so excites to live by me?

Shums said...

mom and i ate 30 peep s'mores in 2 days after reading this post.