February 10, 2011

Valentine Treat Bags

With a plethora of snow days I have been able to craft some fun Valentines. I made some for my lesson in young women this Sunday, and am working on some for Landon's class party at school. I filled the bags with candy, but you could add whatever you want. I think I'll use homemade cookies next time.
What you need:
Cute paper (I found this 8 pack in the dollar area at Target)
Treat bags (also from the dollar area at Target)
Stapler with staples (mine had pink staples in it for some reason)
Double sided tape or Glue stick
Picture of whatever valentine you want

Ribbon (also from the dollar area at Target)
Hole punch

I found a cute graphic on google and edited a 4X6 picture in picnik. Depending on the size you can fit 3 valentines on one 4x6 print. Cut the paper to size. Most treat bags are 4" wide. I cut mine this size to get the most cuts from one 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper.Attach valentine to paper and fold in half. I cut the treat bags down, so I didn't have to fill them with so much candy.Fold the treat bag down and "sandwich" it between the folded paper. Staple at bottom corners.If you'd rather use ribbon- staple just the folded treat bag closed. Then punch two holes (through all layers) in the center, thread ribbon trough and tie.


Bethany'sBazodi said...

Cute! This is my go-to craft for V.T. treats, and forgotten birthdays. Maybe I shouldn't write that online. I like Landons BOTs

Natalli said...

I want one. Do you have my address?
At first I thought it meant "no one bought you", like maybe an insult to a prostitute. I get it now.