October 17, 2010

Officially Crafty

I'm an official crafty sister, but you haven't heard much from me yet. That's because this is about as crafty as it gets. My husband and I did this for a family night activity. It was a precious time to bond, so I figure it counts.

1. get a box of crayons. I recommend spending that extra 33cents and buying the real Crayola brand.
 2. think of a memory. it can be from your childhood...something your family doesn't know about you... or it can be a memory you share with those present.

3. draw memory with previously acquired crayons.
4. share the story behind your beautiful new masterpiece. This happens to be me and another official crafty sister getting the palm tree "island" muddy and then crafting lovely pots and such out of the mud.

5. listen to loved one(s) share their story.

6. post your picture in a public area and laugh walking past them and/or appreciate your life and/or get to know your loved one(s) better.
Give it a shot! And if you like what you see, turn off the TV and DO IT!


Em said...

We'll have to do it for FHE tonight with the kids!

Natalli said...

right right, kami. You are a mod-podging machine! don't even pretend you're not crafty

Shums said...

seriously- i've seen many a craft produced at your hand. i also knew what your pic was immediately!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

I hope that's me on the island. I used to make mud houses for worms... but they (the worms) always shrivled up because the mud dried.

Lari said...

What is James picture suppose to be? I also think you are a crafty whiz kid. I found that huge self portrait in the bedroom next to mine. It is really really good.