October 26, 2010

a lyric

I always see cute little signs like this in Etsy shops, but never want to actually spend $15-30 on one. I thought I would try to make one of my own, beacause I got real bored at work the other day:

I know nothing about typography, but my History of the Book class has inspired me to learn more about it. I also want to figure out how to use all the cool, artsy programs we have on school computers.

For now, I'm just messing around on picnik. If you come up with anything cool, I want to see!


Bethany'sBazodi said...

Bonus question: Who sings that song? Bonus Bonus question: Which of my favorite movies was it written for?

Em said...

Cute! Picnik is so fun!

Natalli said...

Cat Stevens for "Harold and Maude" duhh. JK I just barely watched it for the first time because i remembered you love it. It was good and only creeped me out a little

sisters4saymoreismore said...

yay for blogging sisters!!!! woo hoo!
crafty pants! LOVE it!


Kambria Smith said...

i was totally registered for that class this semester but then i didn't have room for it. sad