October 28, 2010

creepy crawly cupcakes

my gurlll Canaya and I made these creepy crawly cupcakes. Really really easy- just throw on some oreo crumbs, and candy worms. I'm sad to say I used a cake mix (my first time in like 5 years!!!) I doctored it up by using sour cream instead of oil, which keeps them really moist but cuts out that gross oil flavor.

I did make these delish groovy cakes (from scratch) for Blake's little sister:

Just separate the batter into little bowls and color each bowl with a different food coloring. Then drop a few tablespoons of each color into every cupcake wrapper. Swirl a little with a toothpick and you have some radical cupcakes...they were almost too pretty to frost. Almost.


Shums said...

I made some nasty (boxed) red velvet cupcakes with (canned) cream cheese frosting for our mutual activity. I need your cream cheese frosting recipe- POST IT!

Lari said...

very decadant and supurbley delicious but I didn't get to taste one.

URFAVE5 said...

I am so excited I found this blog! I just love you girls! You are all so fun and darling! It will be fun to see all your fun and craft ideas.

Take Care,
JoLynn Ellsworth