January 3, 2013


He's so annoyed with me!
This isn't really a tutorial- as I didn't document the process.  I DO hope it inspires you to tackle that headboard project that you have pinned, but are to scared to try.  Making a headboard can be easy and REALLY fun!  I decided to make a headboard over Christmas break...and it actually worked.  The best part is that I only spent $25.  So cool.

 The artist Kiki Smith was my inspiration:

I bought cheap muslin, batting, fabric dye, and embroidery thread.  First, I did a series of dip dying in different colors of rit dye.  My hands were stained and looked a little troll-ish because I didn't wear gloves.  I intended the fabric to be a quite a bit darker- like a deep black/purple, but I am pleasantly surprised with the lighter color. 

 I used my mom's gigantic embroidery hoop to stitch the stars (I did this while watching Anne of Green Gables with my sisters and mom- this is highly recommended).  I loved stitching the stars free-hand, it was exciting and interesting to see how each one developed.

Then I slapped the batting and fabric to a big piece of wood and stapled it to the back (with a staple gun- duh).  That is it.  Simple.  It is not a fancy headboard, but it is perfect for me!

Now, go make a headboard and send us a link so we can see it!

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natalli said...

I like. I've been wanting to make a head board by stapling fabric and batting to wood, but when I looked up directions they were all way more complicated so I didn't think it was allowed. Now I know it works!