October 10, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cake Balls

Despite his face, these really were enjoyed by all!
I love cake balls and was looking for a cute way to decorate them, without having to be extremely talented... or patient. 
I was afraid the mini cones would be a nightmare to find, but they are conveniently located at my (and probably your) local Walmart.

Here's what you need:
1 pack Mini Ice Cream Cones
1 Cake Mix (any flavor)
1 Container of Frosting (i always use Cream Cheese flavor, but i hear any flavor will work)
1 package Candy Melts or Almond Bark (only use GEL food coloring if you plan to color your Almond Bark)
Any "Toppings" to decorate your "ice creams". I used sprinkles, melted milk choc chips, and mini M&M's.

1. Bake the cake according to instructions on box. Allow to cool completely.
2. Crumble cake into large bowl. I don't like mashing food with my hands... So, I break the cake into the bowl in large chunks then use my hand mixer to pulverize the cake into crumbs.
3. Add an entire container of frosting to the cake crumbs and mix until combined. I also use the hand mixer for this, although some prefer using their hands.

4. Scoop 1" balls onto cookie sheet. A cookie scoop is VERY useful for this step. Roll balls to create a more uniform/smooth ball.
5. Place cookie sheet in freezer for an hour, or until firm.
6. Melt candy melts in microwave for 30 sec increments until completely melted. DO NOT OVER HEAT!
7. Remove from fridge and press a ball into a mini cone just enough for it to stay put.
8. Dip into candy melts making sure to dip the upper part of the cone. This will help "cement" the ball to the cone once the candy melts harden.
9. Add sprinkles, mini M&M's, or any other toppings before the candy melts harden, this will "cement" the toppings to the ball.
10. Store in fridge until candy melt coating is hard, then serve!


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