March 26, 2012

Easy Fish Tacos

I love these tacos! The ingredients I use make them pretty healthy, and they even rival Rubios in taste! The biggest bonus is that they are SO EASY to make.

Frozen Fish Fillets (I use multigrain breaded tilapia)

Shredded Cabbage

Flour Tortillas (These are the BEST whole wheat, low carb tortillas ever! They taste just like white flour tortillas. I get them at Walmart.)

Aioli (I couldn't find it in any stores out here so I used THIS recipe and like it better!)


Hot Sauce (Valentina is my favorite with these tacos)


Bake your fish according to directions on box then split each fillet down the center.

After warming tortillas, layer on the aioli, fish, cabbage, and hot sauce. Add a squeeze of lime and any other toppings you desire! Enjoy!!!

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Lari said...

YUM YUM to my TUM TUM. Why don't you ask me over to dinner? Looks FAB