February 10, 2012

Pinterest Hit or Miss

So I've been trying out a lot of recipes from Pinterest and some are just as fantastic as they look and others...not so much. So I thought I would do you all a favor and tell you which ones are actually worth trying. I would also appreciate if you would do the same!

Chic-fil-A Copycat Sandwiches

These are exactly what they claim to be, so if you love Chic-fil-A, you will love these. In general, it's just a good-tasting breaded chicken recipe that could be used for lots of things. I'm excited to try it cut up in a salad.

Saucy Roast Big-Mouth Sliders

Jacob loved these! I thought they were pretty good and really easy. The recipe was WAY too much for the two of us so the beef ended up lasting forever and was good wrapped up in a tortilla too!

Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake

It was fine, but a little blah. Not something I would make often.

Mongolian Beef

This was really good but kind of a lot of work. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cooking.

Lemon Feta Pasta

This looked really good. I don't know if we got the recipe wrong or if it was because we didn't use fresh basil, but ours was pretty nast. I don't think I'll even bother trying to make it the right way.

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Jagiri said...

Great post! I recognise so many of these recipes from Pinterest so really interesting to see what others think.

I've made quite a few things from Pinterest including Coca-cola Chocolate cake. Here's the link to all my Pinterest posts if you're interested.