July 17, 2011

Holy Craft!

It was my turn to teach the Young Women and this week's lesson was on Heritage. I got this quote from sugardoodle.net and made some cute fabric flower clips (tutorial here) to attach to it.

I experimented with different types of fabric from my scrap bin. I also added a bobby pin to the back of the flower instead of a pin. I used a small square of felt and hot glue.I got 3 quotes per 4X6 print using picnik.com (to design/edit) and Walmart's one hour photo (to print).

Attach the quote to scrapbook paper, then make tiny slits to attach the bobby pin.

Finished product:


natalli said...

ooo i love it! hope I'm a yw leader someday so I can copy this

sisters4saymoreismore said...

adorable!!! you are so creative girl!