July 23, 2011

Button Monograms

I made these button monograms for my girls' bedroom at a craft night with friends.  They were very simple and fun!
 Just find a font you like, and print your letter.  Cut out and trace onto the cardstock of your choice.  Using a glue gun, glue down buttons along the traced letter.  I chose to do all black, but some people did multi-colored monograms that turned out really cute.  You can layer the buttons like I did, or choose a wider font and lay each button flat. It's fun to use a bunch of different buttons so you end up with more texture and variety. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the cardstock has a textured swirl pattern.  I put them in $3 frames from Wal Mart.

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Jagiri said...

I love these! This is going right onto Pinterst :)

I did tell you