January 10, 2011

Mission Momento

I have another craft-like thing to contribute! Like a lot of people, my husband James spent his first few years out of high school seeking life-changing experiences...mostly through his LDS Church mission in Mississippi and Louisiana. Whether it is a sport, a hobby, an out-of-country experience, a competition they competed in, or simply being an amazing dad, it is likely someone you love has done something pretty cool... and nothing is better than someone they love (you) recognizing and honoring the achievements that mean so much to them. Conveniently, we are both very sentimental people and at the moment very poor college students. SO this was the perfect birthday (15 days after Christmas!) gift for him that meant tons without breaking the piggy bank.
James had a box crudely stuffed with mission memorabilia so I chose a few letters, a daily planner he kept, and his name tag. With some hot glue I simply mounted an old suit coat, shirt, and tie that he was about to get rid of (since he was wearing them for the past 4 years) onto the back of a $12 shadow box from Hobby Lobby (on sale of course).
Then I hot glued those few items which obviously held mission memories for him (he had kept them all these years, after all!) to the suit.

 Best of all, you are not only getting rid of the stack of dusty boxes growing in the closet, you are also getting free presents that you know your husband will love!

Pretty cool, huh? Well, okay, ya it's actually really cheesey, but if it is something you know he will love, do it!


Em said...

Very cool, Kambria!

Melinda said...

WOW Kami thatis a great idea! Thanks for sharing