November 4, 2013

Pinterest Caramel Apple Semi-Flop

My friend told me she had tried this inside out Caramel Apple recipe from Pinterest, and that it worked perfectly.  Basically you melt caramel squares and pour them into apple halves that have the core scooped out by a melon baller.  Let the Caramel set and drizzle with toppings.

My attempt was not so perfect.  My mistake was that I made the caramel myself- I couldn't find the squares of it at the store.  It didn't help that my husband poured more cream into it, ever time he walked by ( I have no clue why...).

I hope your laughing as hard as I am at this!
They could not be sliced, so they stayed little cups.  It tasted pretty good, even if they looked a little deformed and slimy.

I think this recipe is actually a fantastic idea- if you follow it correctly.  It makes them way easier to eat.  Next time I will be sure to use a thicker caramel recipe or just find the caramel squares.

Do you have any interesting topping ideas for caramel apples?  I like white chocolate and graham cracker crumbs


amy said...

This is the best thing I've seen in a while. I want one.

Jean C. said...

Caramel apple rolled in a mixture of cinnamon an sugar is good, but my SIL makes a treat with sliced apples that you dip in the following: on a plate spread a layer of softened cream cheese; then caramel, then you sprinkle crushed Heath bars on top. Really good....