March 8, 2013

Entertainment Deals

 Once upon a time I was searching here:

 for a date/gift for the husband. Everyone knows about Groupon (on the small chance someone reading this doesn't, just follow the link and enjoy browsing, by location, deals on everything) but I found a Groupon for something not many have heard of. It was for this: Here is a brief explanation as well as a pro-con list (currently available in the above cities):
1. pay $80 for a year membership for 2 OR $150 for a year membership for 4 (groupon had the memberships for 50% off here in Dallas!!!)
2. claim free tickets on your city's fillaseat website
3. enjoy awesome entertainment whenever you choose for 365 days

- after the one-time membership fee, EVERY ticket is 100% free!!!
- you get to pick and choose what tickets you want (in Dallas over the last 2 months there have been comedy shows (tons!), bull fighting, a monster truck show, hockey games, the ballet, magic shows, plays, a Cuban symphony, some others)
- the primary account holder (or spouse) can take whomever they want to whichever shows they want
- it gets you out of the house and around the city (great for us since we are new to DFW)
- broadens your interests (wouldn't have guessed it, but I actually like hockey!)
- you can sign up at any time and get a year's worth of filling seats!
- combine with a groupon food deal for an excellent but budget-friendly date-night
- many shows/games are "b-list" (not popular/familiar) ...hence the company's name
- available shows/games are updated on the website randomly, and tickets can go very fast, so you have to check it often
- there have been a couple weeks where there were only 2 or 3 shows available that didn't interest us (so date-night isn't guaranteed)
- if you don't go to a show you claim tickets for, you may forfeit your entire membership
- you don't get to see what's available in your city (or what's been available in the past) until you buy a membership

**the websites have tons of info/rules; I highly recommend reading them to see if it's a good fit for you**

For us, our $80 has already been "reimbursed" from 1. the tickets we've claimed and 2. having a reason to explore the cool area we live in... and there are still 10 more months to go!

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s.s. bazodi said...

I love this idea! I will have to check it out.