July 31, 2012


So, our landscaping project is slowly moving forward, and for our benches I wanted to make some cute pillows (or pellows as some prefer to say). After browsing Pinterest for a while, I was inspired with a few different patterns; this is my end creation:

1. Cut a piece of solid-colored fabric to fit the front of your pillow, allowing for a 1/4 inch seam and fill/depth. The finished pillows (shown below) are 16" x 12" so I cut the fabric 16.5" x 12.5". Apply fusible interfacing to the back. Technically it only needs to be where your cutouts will be, but I like the smoother, stiffer front so I applied it to the whole front.

2. I used a paint stamp from Hobby Lobby and some sidewalk chalk from my parent's porch to create a cheap stencil/outline. It is important to get it thickly coated.

3. Position the stamp on the front of the fabric. Be sure to measure equi-distant between each stencil so as to obtain a symmetrical look.

4. Using a stitching hoop and embroidery thread, stitch around the chalk outline.There are several different stitches you can use, but I used a split stitch. (please ignore my crusty manicure)

5.  Carefully cut out the chalked fabric close to the stitches.

6. Cut out a piece of printed fabric (front lining) the same size as the embroidered front piece and sew together all 4 edges so that the patterned fabric shows.

7. The  back of the pillow is from the same printed material used for the front lining. To create the border on the front, I followed this tutorial (starting at step 5) with the same fabric as the back/lining.

8. Stuff the pillow and sew closed the opening by hand. THE END!

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amy said...

Wait, kami sews??? These are very cute! Good job!