April 8, 2012

Easter Flashback!

Doesn't my mom look elegant with long locks? I'm so crafty! Here's the how to for a quick, beautiful makeover:

J/K! That wasn't my crafty Easter flashback. When we were little, my mom always made us pretty, matching Easter dresses. This year I took it upon myself to make one, using this pattern!

I have really come to love sewing, but I'm not comfortable inventing patterns. So, as for a step by step how-to, there won't be one (that's called plagiarism). I recommend waiting until patterns are $1 at JoAnn, following all the directions, and you'll get something like this:
I also recommend ironing it  before wearing it (unlike I did in above picture). Also, gathers/ruching are tricky, especially with layered fabrics (I did a lace on a peach skin fabric) so don't be afraid of or too lazy for pinning.
 (practically-professional-looking photographs and poses compliments of husband James)
It's really so much easier than it seems to use a pattern. Don't be intimidated! To finish this little Easter piece, I crafted a necklace from some left over furniture trim, a jewelry clasp, hot glue, and some buttons and a flower.
Still not as cute as when my mom made the dresses, and none of my sisters matched me, but hopes are high for next year!


Kels said...

Very pretty! You did a great job!

Posey Cowart said...

Kami is AMAZING! kinda makes me sick

Lari said...

Number 1: Those fake hair pictures were HIDIOUS. I might sue.
Number 2: Your dress turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I am impressed beyond measure AND your necklace was very nice too!