January 21, 2012

Decorations for Valentine's Day

Before school got too crazy, I did a little crafting of Valentine's Day decor.

1. I cut some of Martha's Handmade Heart Doilies out of fabric instead of napkins. Disclaimer: It's a lot harder to cut through 8 layers of fabric.

2. I put my InDesign skills to work and made this little print inspired by a little valentine I saw somewhere online.. I don't know how to share a PDF on here, but I can send it through email to anyone who wants their very own (ndellsworth@gmail.com)

3. I made some little oragami hearts (tutorial here and here) to hang on my glittery branches

4. I also made some little tissue paper flowers, roughly following  this tutorial, and hot glued them to some of the branches. If I'm ever feeling motivated enough, I make several more.

The card is last year's valentine.

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