October 2, 2015

Trick or Treat Totes

This was a fun, easy little project for Halloween. The last couple years I've totally forgotten to get clark a trick or treat bag or bucket so he ends up using some grocery store sac or whatever we can scrounge up. So I found these totes at JoAnn's--a set of 3 for $10, plus my 60% off coupon, score!--then set to work with fabric scraps, fabric paint, and a glue gun. Hopefully they last a few years! 

July 20, 2015

Free Baby Top Pattern!

This little tunic top is so quick and easy to make (and really cute, but I might be biased)! No zippers or buttons! I digitized this pattern and wanted to share the 0-3 month size. It would make a perfect baby shower gift.

To get the pattern in all sizes up to 4T, including dress length option, check out my etsy shop.
I've got other cute dress patterns in there, and they're all affordable and easy to make!

Here's the PDF file of the free printable pattern
*this pattern is for personal use only!

October 27, 2014

Spiritual Spa Night with Free Printables

Last month for our Relief Society Mid-week Meeting (enrichment night), we did a "Spiritual Spa Night". I will be the first to admit that sounds a little hokey, and I was pretty iffy about the idea at first. But really we just got three amazing speakers, and when you put a loose theme and cute handouts with it, more people come so...

The first speaker talked about keeping your testimony "polished". She loosely based her talk on the "Steps of a Pedicure" found here. I made these little handouts, printed them on brown craft paper and tied them to dollar store nail polishes (which actually weren't as crappy as we thought they'd be).

The next speaker talked about cleansing. This could go a lot of directions, but she chose to base her talk on Elder Holland's talk "Like a Broken Vessel". We made a simple face scrub with lemon, coconut oil, and sugar and put it in baby jars with these labels printed on return address sticker sheets.

The third speaker was a massage therapist and she talked about how when she was training they had to learn the importance of receiving as well as giving. I really loved her talk. We often focus on the importance of giving, but it's so important to receive too--for our sake and that of the person offering love/service. We printed these on card stock and put little chocolates on them.

At the end, everyone took a little bag to fill with each handout. For refreshments we had fancy waters (you know with fruit and herbs in them) and fruit and dip. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves and many tears were shed. Victory! 

Go here to access all the printables

January 17, 2014

Twin Girls' DIY Nursery

Hi there! Had some babies a little bit ago... 4 months ago. I started working on their nursery before they were born, but am just now finishing.  Probably because I had to make almost every decoration and/or collect used items. Oh and because twin newborns sort of take up a lot of time. Who knew?!

It started with finding these cute fabrics at SAS which were inspiration for a woodland creatures plus florals theme and took off from there. I am NOT a decorator and wish I could just pay someone to come decorate my whole house, but I had fun putting it all together and a pretty happy with how it turned out.

Pillow covers made with fabric remnants, glider from Craigslist 

Cute quilt EmmaLee made, hand-me-down crib, blanket crocheted by my aunt

This saying popped into my head when I was thinking about twins and I had to use it! I watercolored these little signs, mounted them on floral fabric and threw them in cheap Ikea frames. Blessing dresses crocheted by my mom.

Branch from our yard on Ikea hooks + a paper flower garland I made

Big paper flowers are by Bethany and I, Ikea spice racks as book shelves

Prints and frames from Ikea, fabric plushy trees and pompom flowers I made, wood log round from JoAnn's painted in chalkboard paint

January 13, 2014

Easy Gift for Dad

This Christmas I made a simple, inexpensive gift for Ray to use at work.  I found a pencil holder at Target and mod podged pictures on each side.  SO quick and easy, yet meaningful.
First, print 4 pictures on regular paper and trim them to fit your pencil holder.
Using a foam brush, completely cover the back of a picture with mod podge and secure to holder.  Then brush mod podge all over the front of the picture as well. Brush the mod podge over the edges of the pic and onto the pencil holder so it's all sealed down.  It will dry clear.  Repeat with each side and let dry!

January 1, 2014

Visualizing Goals

Happy New Year!

I am a visual person.  I have to see things to help me remember and stay motivated.  A few years back, a friend introduced me to creating a vision board or Bagua Map of my New Years goals.

You can really organize it however you want, but if you want inspiration, you can use the Bagua Map Template found HERE.

I used Adobe Illustrator to organize and edit mine, but Picassa, and even Publisher would work great.  Even better, print off the photos you like and make an actual vision board you can hang on your wall!

I wish you luck in your efforts to set goals for 2014!  If you make a vision board- send us a link!  The sisters would love to be inspired by your work.

December 9, 2013

Pine Cone Door Decor

The wreath I usually put on the door at Christmas time was lookin' pretty scary, so I made this for free!
 I stole some pine cones from my parents' yard, glittered them up with snow-looking glitter, hot glued them to various lengths of ribbon, then added a bow.  Such an easy alternative to a traditional wreath!